First Time Guests

If this will be your first visit to FiveOneSeven salon/spa or a first-time service, you MUST call 517-315-4475 to reserve. This will help us properly schedule your service(s) based on your personal goals and determine if a complimentary consultation is necessary.

How to Make an Account and Book your Appointment!

If you are a current guest who has called/visited our location to set up your account, and this is your first time scheduling online, we are here to assist you!

Please enter your email below and click “FORGOT PASSWORD.” This will enable you to create the client login needed for all future online scheduling!

Please know that Online scheduling limits booking more than 3 services at a time, and all online color service options include a cut.


Don’t see the service or time you are looking for? We can help!

Call: 517-315-4475
Text: 866-960-1011